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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

BruderHilfe is a non-governmental organization located in Nigeria and Germany, involved in charitable and sustainable developmental projects centered around health, education for less privileged children, men, and women inclusive living in urban and rural communities. Thus, making an impact and creating opportunities for children, adults, and families in rural areas and cities.

Why does BruderHilfe put so much importance in education and health?

BruderHilfe social development initiative believes that quality education is a veritable tool to build a solid foundation of integrity, selfless service and patriotism in less privileged children, teenagers and youths for a positive generational change, that will bring about national development and growth. And this potential is unlocked if good health is guaranteed.

Does BruderHilfe give educational scholarships?

Yes, BruderHilfe is one of the few NGOs that understands the financial stress of studying in Europe, and as such gives priority to assisting the best of Nigerians financially in a bid to make their dream come true.

Does BruderHilfe empower women?

There is an adage that says ‘if you empower a woman, you empower a generation’. Female empowerment is associated with economic development. BruderHilfe is involved in building capacities of women to power economic development.  Improving the education and skills of the population, known as ‘human capital’, is a central factor at BruderHilfe. In large part, human capital depends on decisions made by parents, such as how many children to have, whether to send children to work or to school and how much effort and money is placed into their education. Getting families to ‘do the right thing’ via the female gender is therefore essential.

What is BruderHilfe doing as regards Child health and sanitation?

We seek to provide facilities to improve children health and sanitation in a bid to curtail the outburst of diseases which is peculiar to children in rural areas.

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