Bruderhilfe Medical Team @ Ajegunle Agoyi-ketu, Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria.


As part of our commitments to contribute free medical care, education and support to the people of different communities in rural and urban areas in Nigeria and abroad towards ensuring mental and physical fitness of all, especially the less privileged, our medical team recently staged A-day medical outreach at Ajegunle Agoyi-ketu community area in Ikorodu, Lagos State where effective free-medical education and supports were given to many beneficiaries including health educators/workers, students, aged, infants, pregnant women, and patients of different illnesses like Hypertension, diabetics and many others who are financially handicapped. This is based on our vision to promote good living and healthy environment.

Since medical support remains everyone business, join us in making our environment free from illness.

Our next destination shall be announced soon.

God bless Bruderhilfe
God bless Nigeria.


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